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  Age / Gender: 42 / Male
  Marital Status: Single
  Country:United Kingdom
  Account Type:Free Account
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  Friends with Females Only
  Dates with: Females Only
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hi im 41 (getting old) lol not much more to ttell realy apart from iv got 8 tatto,s saving for my 9th at the mo, a footy fan, chilled nice respectable genuine if you fancy chatting then drop me a message and say hi, as you can read i have funny sense of humour and the type of person who goes into supermarkets and moves cups with letters on around to make words what is wrong with me iv inboxed and few messages have been read but never replied to so something somewhere must be wrong, ok ok whats wrong with me then cos im being polite and messaging but not 1 reply not even to say sorry dont want to chat,

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