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  Age / Gender: 71 / Female
  Marital Status: Married
  Country:United Kingdom
  Account Type:Free Account
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Please take care and stay safe.

Love travelling. Managed Malta in Feb, sneaked in Vienna just before they closed Austria but very sad to say I did not make the trip to Bali which would have left today 18th March. Still better than being stuck in a foreign airport or hospital I guess!!!!
Fun and flirty but always a lady, married but not dead!

Lots of hobbies and interests, wartime reenacting is a main one, costumes and all. Sadly already many events cancelled though.
Latest venture is a period dressmaker and milliner workshop which we will display at wartime events and shows. Called it M*DAM MODES (I've always fancied being a madame!) Name stands for Make *Do And Mend

Would love some company for theatre, cinema, concerts etc if you are fairly local. (Nott'm /Derby area) Once the virus is conquered

Enjoy tailoring and dressmaking, been described as a fabricaholic and patternaholic not sure what they mean? I only have the biggest stash of all my family, my friends, the local area, the town, the country.....ok I'm a hoarder, but I love it

Hate text speak!

profile picture taken New Years Eve 2019

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