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  Age / Gender: 55 / Female
  Marital Status: Single
  Country:United Kingdom
  Account Type:Lifetime Platinum
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  Dates with: Sorry Nobody
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I am a fun loving independent Irish woman who is loyal to her family and friends. I am a free spirit & respect people's rights to speak their mind and have their own opinions and not be led by the masses.

WARNING: If you are easily offended, insecure, suffering low self esteem or Mr or Missus feckin overly sensitive..then put yer trainers on and RUN NOW! Cos I don't have the time to nurse maid anyone be it friends, acquaintances or lovers. In fact think of me as a high maintenance biatch with attitude who is not interested in dudes who are bunny boiler magnets or into the pink and fluffy princess types. FYI I am not into cyber sex or stranger sex...I live in the real I am not interested in watching you knock one out or being yer on line entertainment. I don't find dick pics a turn on, In fact they usually make me laugh. I have a brain and it needs stimulating...but the question you have both the imagination and vocabulary to fire it?? if not..Hasta la Vista Baby!

So in case that didn't hit may wanna also consider that I am NOT for the faint hearted so unless you are prepared to resolve any issues through open and honest, polite and courteous communication, please jog on by and move to the next profile...cos I really don't have time for bollix...if you have something to say then spit it out. I also don't have the time nor the inclination for "Emotional Vampires", those who are "Emotionally Constipated" or "Energy Thieves" but more especially those lacking integrity. It's as simple as do you think you can handle that?..sure now...?? wanna phone a friend or ask the audience first...??? Right so, that's sorted!!!

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