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  Age / Gender: 44 / Female
  Marital Status: Single
  Country:United Kingdom
  Account Type:Lifetime Platinum
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About Me Section

I had a brilliant profile written in this here space, but it vanished off into outer space. Or something.
It was obviously very witty and utterly hilarious, ahem!

So what's the craic... I'm a vegetarian cat lady who loves music but has zero musical ability, so I stick to dancing about - either at gigs or in my lounge.
I'd use the verb balter to accurately describe my moves: balter (v): to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.
What else, I wish I had a buddy to go geocaching with.
I use words like gosh and super. And I'm not sorry.
I have a small addiction to books that I'm happy to feed, regularly. And I possibly desire a library. And a TVR, which is not related to books at all, but nevertheless still true.

An insight into my chaotic life is in my blog over at

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