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  Age / Gender: 44 / Male
  Marital Status: In a Relationship
  Country:United Kingdom
  Account Type:Lifetime Platinum
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  Friends with Females & Males
  Dates with: Sorry Nobody
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Simple person looking too make friends.

A bit of advice 2 all the girls who moan that they're single or looking for a male friend too be a Legit contender friend because "there are no decent guys out there"...
There are, literally millions of decent guys out..The problem is that not all decent guys look like a top model.
So next time ur out thinking u look & act like a top tier cos your wearing ur 6 inch heels 2 make u taller, magic pants 2 make u thinner, false eye lashes, false nails, make up 2 cover ur spots, fillets 2 make your breasts look bigger, fake tan, hair extensions, lip liner, and god knows what else, and you blew some average guy cos he's not even in ur league...Just remember when you wake up the next morning, Alone, looking not so good, Just remember that guy u blew out could have been a legit decent guy after all.

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